News Update

NEWSCAST - Thursday November 26 2020

Ashley Hyshka



  • Middlesex-London is reporting 16 new COVID-19 cases Thursday, including no new deaths. 
  • There is an ongoing outbreak at the London Health Sciences Centre University Hospital. This encompasses five individual units, including 27 inpatients and 20 staff members.
  • Throughout Ontario, there were more than 1,400 new cases reported today, including 21 deaths.  
  • The bulk of new COVID-19 cases are in the Peel, Toronto, and York regions. Both Toronto and Peel are also in their fourth day of a minimum 28 day-long lockdown. 
  • Meanwhile, the province is expected to announce today its new COVID-19 projections.


  • Western University graduate astronomy student Cole Gregg made a once-in-a-lifetime discovery, detecting a previously unknown asteroid passing through near-Earth space.
  • The asteroid is temporarily designated ALA2xH - and was accidentally discovered by Gregg on November 18 while remotely utilizing a telescope based in Spain.
  • The asteroid measures 50 - 100 metres in diameter, and Gregg says he’s hoping to observe the asteroid again, but a lack of telescopes and poor weather is hindering those efforts.
  • However, he says,  “Although my current project is focused on searching the sky for asteroids, you never are fully ready to see one that no one has yet and all from the comfort of my own home. There is something very cool about that,” 


  • Londoners, sharpen up your skates, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and get ready to hit the ice this winter. The City announced that its outdoor skating rinks at Storybook Gardens, Victoria Park, the Rotary Rink, and Covent Garden Market will reopen to the public in December, but with some new COVID-19 precautions in effect. These include limiting the number of skaters on the ice so social distancing can be maintained, and using hand sanitizer before entering the rink. In addition, while washrooms will remain open, indoor changing rooms and skate rentals will be closed, and people who are sick are advised to stay home. 
  • The Government of Ontario has passed legislation that would make daylight savings permanent throughout the province. Spearheaded by Ottawa West-Nepean MPP Jeremy Roberts, he says the change would benefit the physical and mental health of Ontarians, as well as the economy, due to shoppers having extended hours of sunlight. However, Ontario’s Attorney General will first need to get both Quebec and New York on board in order to make it official. 


  • Today, London will see overcast skies and a high of nine degrees. Overnight, cloud cover will continue with the mercury dipping to four degrees. London will continue to see cloudy skies throughout tomorrow, before giving way to sunshine and single digit temperatures over the weekend.