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NEWSCAST - Wednesday, December 4, 2019



  • Last Saturday, the Fashion and Lifestyle Society hosted their Rebel-themed Fall fashion show. 

  • It was intended to be a homage to rebellious historical figures, and breaking through societal boundaries through representation.

  • The three categories displayed were the Outlaw, the Revolutionary, and the Androgynous, meant to express outcry around gender equality, reforming juvenile justice, and climate change.

  • Pictures of the event can be found on Instagram at flsociety.

  • Western researchers are studying how the brain differentiates between sounds in a crowded environment.

  • Western’s Brain and Mind Institute have created a geodesic dome to replicate real-life scenarios and will be using a combination of behavioural reports and brain wave measuring to determine how the subject is distinguishing between and focusing on sounds.



  • For more fashion, Fanshawe College students will be hosting their pop up fashion show ‘The Story’ on December 5th at Goodwill Industries on Horton.

  • The outfits are entirely made of recycled clothing that has been donated by Goodwill to be remixed for a new look.

  • The show is set to start at 8:30 pm, with all proceeds going towards a scholarship to help Fanshawe students dealing with mental health issues.

  • Grand Ghosts, the new play set to roll out in 2021 by Trina Davies, will tackle London’s very own disappearing man.

  • In 1919, Ambrose Small suddenly sold his large theatre chain, deposited his money, and vanished. There have since been sightings off his ghost at the Grand Theatre here in London.

  • If you like local history, murder mystery, or ghost stories, this may be the show for you.



  • Western wrestling team heads to St. Catharines for Olympic trials in a three-day event.

  • Athletes will have the chance to compete to represent Canada at international qualifying events for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.

  • Niagara area will be hosting the 2021 Summer Canada Games, so this will serve as a dry run for that event.

  • This weekend will also see Western ringette at Cambridge on Saturday, and at McMaster on Sunday.



  • Today we have a high of 2, low of -2, cloudy with light snow predicted, with similar weather predicted for tomorrow.

  • Currently there are scattered flurries, 1 degree but feeling like -4.