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NEWSCAST - Wednesday, October 30, 2019



  • Western reports that plagiarism counts are at an all-time high from an annual report on academic offences.

  • Last year reported 228 offenses, which was an increase from years previously. Science and social science faculties had significantly more offenses than arts and humanities.

  • One grad student arranged to have someone else do their work for them and submitted it, receiving an F and withdrawing from the program.

  • Senate Committee on Academic Policy and Awards has formed a group to examine what can be done to change policy to reflect current practices.

  • Western’s Open Space Strategy may lead to the construction of parking garages on the edges of campus.

  • This is in an effort to decrease the number of cars on campus, especially after parking passes sold out this year.

  • While the plan has been mentioned in the budget town hall, it has yet to be green-lit. If it is, the process will take roughly two years to complete.



  • Wordsfest will be happening at Museum London downtown from November 1st to 3rd. 

  • The annual event to celebrate local London authors and artists will include Michael Arntfield and Joshua Schuster, both professors at Western University. For national figures, the event will also feature Sally Armstrong.

  • The event features speakers who will discuss how art can stretch past boundaries into everyday life. 

  • This is an amazing opportunity to see how your degree can apply beyond academia, and other than the opening reception, all events are free for students.

  • London Transit Commission has spoken out against the city council decision to lower speed limits on residential London streets to 40 km/hr.

  • While this would not affect every bus route, routes such as the 15 which run primarily on residential streets would have a significant time increase, which would change scheduling.



  • Tonight we have men and women’s volleyball against the University of Guelph.

  • The matches will be taking place here in London, with women’s at 6 pm and men’s at 8 pm.



  • It’s currently 9 degrees out and if the rain hasn’t found you yet, it will, as it’s expected to stick around for the rest of today.

  • Today has a high of 9, low of 5. Tomorrow has a high of 10, low of 2, with more rain expected.