Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Navaneeth Mohan


  • Early construction work to support the new Biomedical Research Facility will lead to a 
  • reduction in spaces in the Medical Science parking lot and a cascade of parking changes. 
  • Starting as soon as Oct. 1, up to 40 parking spots in the Medical Science lot will be lost as utilities and services are prepared for the new Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry building. 
  • The work will also result in a closure of the pathway between the Medical Science lot and the Siebens lot, requiring pedestrians to walk around the exterior of the building.
  • During construction, the Medical Science lot will only be available to registered clinical patients and accessible permit holders. 
  • Overflow parking for the clinic patients will be directed to the Social Science lot. 
  • This week, Springett will feature 86 new pay-and-display and Honk Mobile Tap spaces for visitors along the south and east edges of the lot.
  • There will be minimal impact to reserved permit holders as they will continue to have a spot in Springett.


  • Photo radar has been endorsed by London's Civic Works Committee as an effective way of controlling speeds in school zones.
  • committee members are now recosidering their recomendation to lower the residential speed limit to 40 km/h
  • If approved by city council, the photo radar program would initially involve two mobile camera units, which would rotate through different school zones every four weeks. 
  • Up to three additional cameras would be added in the second year.
  • The program is set to cost the city $1,000,000 per year. 
  • Lowering the speed limit on downtown streets and residential areas was perhaps the most anticipated item on the agenda.
  • The proposal would force drivers to travel at 40 km/h on congested roads in the downtown core, but the committee decided they needed more input from the London Transit Commission (LTC). 
  • The committee voted 3-1 to send the report to the LTC in order to consider the impact lowering the speed limit would have on buses before making a recommendation to council. 
  • That vote came after many pleas from Londoners at the meeting who argued in favour of lowering the speed limit. 


  • The Womens Volleyball team head over to Calgary to play the Moout Royal University for an exhibition game. First ball at 6:00pm
  • Shortly later at 7pm, the womens hockey team will faceoff York at Clinton Arena, 7pm while the men host the Waterloo Warriors. Also at 7pm.  


  • Today’s daytime high will be 20 and our overnight low will be 6 will be accompanied by overcast skies. Tomorrow, we can expect the clouds to break in the evening.