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Media Credit: Zahra Habib

NEWSCAST - Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Navaneeth Mohan


  • A new pilot project looks to increase the resilience of 100 new-build homes against high winds, even tornadoes, in St. Thomas, Ont., putting into practise more than two decades of Western research, company and university officials announced Friday.
  • At a time when tornadoes strikes on the North American continent are on the rise, a new project out of Western University is increasing the resilience of homes against such natural disasters. 
  • Construction solutions resulting from over 2 decades of Western Engineering research has also proven to be time and cost-efficient. These innovations in building include longer nails for roof sheathing, and using special screws for roof framing instead of the traditional hurricane clips, which take longer to install. 
  • The partnership between Western, Doug Tarry Homes, and the Inst for Catastrophic Loss Reduction saw Engineering Prof Greg Kopp implement these methods. 
  • Doug Tarry Homes was named Ontario Home Builders Association Member of the Year in 2015.
  • Such changes will drastically reduce the amount of flying debris thus, improving the survivability of the neighbouring buildings as well. 
  • Furthermore, such measures will also reduce the cost of repairs. 
  • Between 1983 and 2016, high winds made for the most insurance claims amongst natural disasters. Last year Ontario and Quebec incurred a bill of 1 billion dollars.   


  • The City of London is invested in keeping up with the times. Next week the Corporate Services Committee will consider a staff recommendation to hire the website design firm Digital Echidna to revamp the Forest City’s official website.
  • If approved, the project will begin later this month, with the hopes of completing all design and backend transformation work by October 2020. The city will pay the firm $474 000 plus HST taxes, as well as an annual fee for three following years.
  • London’s official website attracts three million visits a year, and with its current design and development based on web trends in 2013, the city believes this is an investment worth making.
  • Local tech experts have praised the city’s chosen firm. Digital Echidna is known in the community for using leading-edge tools, and its local status is a plus. With government hacking a rising issue, online security is also a major concern.


  • FC London’s women’s team is off to the League 1 Ontario semifinals after a 3-0 win over FC Oshawa on Saturday night. London wins the home-and-home 7-1 on aggregate.
  • London led 4-1 on aggregate coming in, winning the first leg of the matchup last week in Oshawa. The four goals were split between Jade Kovacevic and Marisa Oliveira, who both had two.
  • The next game for the women will be this weekend when they take on the Vaughn Azzuri this weekend. 


  • Today will see a fairly clear skies with some cloud cover during the evening that threaten thunderstorms. The afternoon high of 29 will feel like 35 with the humidex. 
  • Tomorrow will be a clear and beautiful day with a high of 25.