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NEWSCAST - Monday, June 17th, 2019

Navaneeth Mohan


  • While tornadoes may not strike as a concern for most Canadians, that attitude could be challenged with the changing climate. 
  • The Northern Tornadoes Project is the most comprehensive Tornadoes analysis ever undertaken in Northern Ontario. Their recent partnership with ImpactWx aims to analyze tornadoes canada wide. 
  • ImpactWx is a Toronto-based social impact fund that also funded the initial research. Combined with support for the pilot, the total investment comes to $10 million for tornado research at Western.
  • One of their key projects is the Northern Tornadoes Project Open Data site, launched by Western Libraries last week.
  • Open to the public, the online database catalogues high-resolution aerial surveys, satellite imagery, drone surveys and on-the-ground observations of Canadian tornadoes in real time. 
  • The Northern Tornadoes Project Open Data site will also be a place where people can report tornadoes when they see them and where there will be a damage map that’s almost in real time. Detailed analyses will also be available to researchers for study purposes.
  • The project is lead by Western Engineering professor Greg Kopp and meteorologist David Sills. 


  • London’s greenhouse gas emissions are expected to increase this year following the cold winter and hot summer in 2018. 
  • Yet, the city says they are meeting every green target. 
  • In 2017, emissions in London dropped 17 per cent from 1990 when the benchmark was established, but in 2018 it registered a 12 per cent reduction.
  • The city has an ambitious goal of reducing emissions by 15 per cent by 2020, 37 per cent by 2030 and 80 per cent by 2050.
  • According to the city, the city creates about three million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, with cars being the top contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in London, contributing more than one million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, 
  • Nearly $1.5 billion was spent on energy in 2017, and about 90 per cent of that money leaves London, largely in fuel and home heating and cooling expenses.  If that total was reduced just one per cent, $13 million would remain in the local economy.
  • The city has a goal to achieve 60 per cent organic waste reduction and it is now at 45 per cent, largely due to yard waste and recycling. A green bin program that will see food waste diverted from landfill also is planned.
  • The city will spend $4.18 million on environmental services in 2019, only a $60,000 increase from 2015, says the city’s most recent budget.


  • FC London’s men’s team were looking to get back into the win column on Friday night. 
  • They hosted the second-ranked Vaughan Azzurri, who had just one loss on the season coming into action.
  • London dropped to 3-4-0 after suffering a 3-0 loss on home turf.
  • Greg Bowmann caught up with Head Coach Mike Marcoccia after the game.
  • London’s next game will be at Sigma FC on June 22nd.

This day started off with sloudy skies. We will some sunny breaks in the afternoon but nothing too exciting. Some showers are expected tomorrow night and Wednesday afternoon. 
Today’s high is 23 and we will see the mercury dip to a pleasant 13 overnight.