Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Thursday, April 25th, 2019

Mehek Mazhar


  • A few students have started a podcast in the Don Wright Faculty of Music
  • Take Note is a place for music students to step away from the ‘performance persona’ and just talk about music as well as student life
  • Music as a course of study can be quite demanding, as students learn theory and new instruments, hone their areas of specialization, as well as audition and perform throughout the year
  • The life of a Music student trickles into the podcast, as Roisin Miland, Orko Oyon, Tara Phokhaar and Chris O’Neill ‘take note’ of their day to day work and challenges
  • The podcast features a music framework with the voices of Music students and faculty members
  • You can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud or Spotify at the username, Take Note Podcast


  • 9-year-old Lyla Wheeler has a dream for her Oakridge neighbourhood: to rename the street her family lives on
  • She objects to the name “Plantation Road’ because of its historic link to slavery in the Confederate southern United States
  • According to Wheeler, a plantation is a racially charged word, as slave owners would force “black slaves to pick in the cotton fields”
  • Wheeler learned about plantations after visiting a Caribbean grocery store to buy sugar cane
  • The request to change the street name was a first for Ward 8 Councillor Steve Lehman
  • After some research, the councillor understands where the girl is coming from
  • The complication for Lyla is street names aren’t easily changed in the Forest City, the process would cost about $10,000 in this case
  • The rules require that a majority of the 33 homeowners on the street agree for the change to go ahead
  • Lyla wrote to her neighbours, but got few replies
  • One neighbour who did answer told the little girl she should find more “age-appropriate” things to do
  • Another neighbour says she “absolutely” supports Lyla and her “fantastic idea”
  • It would take about six to 10 months for the change to take place if the neighbourhood consents
  • The request would go through an advisory group for approval, followed by a public participation meeting
  • Other streets in the neighbourhood have tree names like Hibiscus, Palmtree and Pinetree
  • One alternative Lyla suggests for Plantation Road is Daisy Drive
  • In 2014, a request to rename Sanatorium Road was voted on by a council committee and was ultimately declined


  • The schedule for the 2019 Sutherland Cup Finals has been released between the Waterloo Siskins and the London Nationals
  • The Nationals will be playing with a heavy heart, with the recent passing of former Head Coach Kelly Thomson Kelly took over the London Nationals and led them to their first — and so far, only — Sutherland Cup title in the Junior B club’s history in 2013
  • The series starts in London tonight from the Western Fair Sports Centre with the puck dropping at 7:00pm


  • Today will be partly sunny in the afternoon, as we reach our daytime high of 16 degrees
  • Overnight, the temperature will drop to 7 degrees with rain
  • The April showers are expected to continue on Friday with a high of 14 degrees
  • Saturday will have a mix of sun and clouds and a temperature of 8 degrees