Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Taniya Sheikh


  • In the coming years, new rovers will explore Mars with better scientific instruments, as capable as those that exist in labs here on Earth today
  •  Roberta Flemming from Western University’s Department of Earth Sciences and the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration is leading a team of researchers to develop a compact instrument that could be deployed to analyze mineral and rock structures in place on the red planet’s surface, wherever they are found
  • On Earth, X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) is the primary technique to determine the mineralogy of rocks and other natural materials
  •  The minerals in a rock record its history – from how it crystallized, to how it has changed from subsequent heat, fluids or shock


  • New research study seeks help of artificial intelligence to examine and determine a mental illness that takes a toll on many Canadian citizens
  •  Using brain scans, researchers with usage of artificial intelligence developed a new method of determining whether a patient suffers through PTSD- post traumatic stress disorder, a psychological condition with harsh exposure to traumatic experiences
  • The machine intelligence used, uses statistical models that was able to distinguish difference between an individual with no PTSD diagnosis vs someone with PTSD
  • Researchers were proud of the results claiming that it worked very effectively and accurately. In order to go further with the new findings, researchers are hoping to to create new diagnostic tool for the mental disorder


  • The Western Mustangs Men’s Basketball team was in search of a sweep of their opponents, the Algoma Thunderbirds
  • The 'Stangs faced off against the Thunderbirds Friday and Saturday in a two game mini-series, with Western emerging victorious Friday by the score of 90-75
  • Saturday night at Alumni Hall, the Mustangs completed the metaphorical sweep of Algoma after winning 92-70. Discipline, Ball movement, and defence, all exhibited by Western throughout the entire game, guaranteed the win, their fifth in a row
  • In the second quarter Western took over the game, and never looked back.  The Mustangs outscored the Thunderbirds 21-9 in the quarter, and won each of the remaining quarters to win their fifth consecutive game in a row 
  • Western’s relentless offensive attack came in large part from the shooting of guard Omar Shiddo, and Julian Walker. Shiddo scored a team high 27 points and hauled in 5 rebounds, while Walker chipped in another dynamic hustle effort, scoring 21 points, and grabbing 5 rebounds himself
  • Defensively, the Mustangs kept the momentum on their side. Double-digits in steals and forced turnovers, allowed Western to kill any traction that Algoma tried to gain


  • Today London will experience a cloudy day with snow flurries throughout the afternoon
  • The temperature is expected to drop gradually with a high of -2 in the morning however dropping to a low of -8 towards the night, going into tomorrow with a gust of harsh wind