Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Jessica Singer


  • Western University’s Northern Tornadoes Project aims to identify tornadoes in remote Northern Ontario, where they discovered nine tornadoes in 2017 which had previously gone undetected, while providing details and information on nine other tornadoes
  • This project is a collaboration between Western Engineering and the Meteorological Research Division of Environment and Climate Change Canada, noted as the most thorough and comprehensive analysis of tornadoes ever achieved in Canada
  • If you are interested in becoming a student member of the Senate or Board of Governors, nominations are now open for students, with elections taking place on February 4th and 5th of the 2019 school year
  • There are currently 14 undergraduate student seats and four graduate student seats for the Senate, and one undergraduate student seat for the Board of Governors. The nomination forms and other details can be found at


  • London’s First Nations community stood in solidarity to support the five clans of the Wet-suwet’en nation in northern British Columbia yesterday, protesting the federal government and RCMP plans to build a TransCanada pipeline on their territory
  • Rallies and protests have been happening throughout the country, including cities like Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Hamilton. These communities are raising awareness about the need to defend their land and communities on a national scale
  • For all you rock and roll fans, go to The Grand Theatre tonight at 8 pm to listen to the Jeans ‘n’ Classics rock symphony, presenting the music of The Who
  • A symphony of 40 musicians and vocalists will be performing classic hits such as My Generation, Won’t Get Fooled Again, and I’m Free
  • This London-based symphony is an interpretation of legendary pop music and artists rather than a tribute group, offering a fresh and new sound to some classic bands and artists


  • Londoners Nick Suzuki and Isaac Ratcliffe played minor midget hockey together for the Jr. Knights
  • Now four years later, Guelph Storm GM/coach George Burnett has re-united them, acquiring Suzuki from the Owen Sound Attack yesterday before today’s trade deadline
  • Ratcliffe, property of the Flyers, and Suzuki have potential to become the league’s deadliest offensive duo. Ratcliffe already has 25 goals after scoring 41 times last season
  • Suzuki has 45 points in 30 games after reaching the 100-point mark last year
  • Both were named captains of their team at the start of the season 
  • Neither of them wore a C with the Jr. Knights since it was the club’s philosophy to refrain from putting an emphasis on letters


  • Expect a temperature of negative 5 degrees on Friday with some sun and clouds
  • Moving into Saturday, expect a temperature of negative 3 degrees with cloudy skies
  • It is currently negative 7 degrees, feeling more like negative 15
  • Yesterday’s snow squalls continue today, so be careful on the roads this morning
  • The snow is also bringing along a deep freeze, with the coldest weather of this winter season set to arrive