News Update

Newscast December 4th, 2020

Anjali Singh


  • The Middlesex-London Health Unit reports 25 new COVID-19 cases today as we see a significant drop from the previous two days. The total cases are 1,759 cases with 75 deaths

  • University Hospital is now only undertaking the most pressing emergency operations, which include brain and heart surgeries. These procedures make up 25 per cent of the hospital’s surgical volumes. The hospital has canceled three-quarters of its surgeries as they face the largest Covid-19 outbreak yet.

  • 11 people have passed away and there are 124 infected patients and staff, and the health unit struggled to trace contacts.

  • “It’s almost three times as big as any other outbreak that we’ve had in this community,” Chris Mackie, medical officer of health for Middlesex-London, said Thursday.

  • Last week,  24 beds were opened at Victoria Hospital by the London Health Sciences Centre to aid with capacity after new admissions were stopped to the affected medical units at University Hospital. LHSC is now upping the number of temporary beds at Victoria Hospital to 50, says chief medical officer Adam Dukelow.

  • The operating rooms are running at full capacity at Victoria Hospital 

  • It was identified that there were breaches in physical distancing rules and personal protective equipment which contributed to the outbreak.

  • “The measures in place are very significant. There is always a question about compliance. LHSC administration has put in place very strong compliance assessment auditing functions,” Mackie said.

  • “We have the right measures in place. We have a good system in terms of making sure they’re being followed. We should see this turn the corner.”


  • Graphic anti-abortion flyers are being placed in students mailboxes as anti-abortion groups are campaigning more than previous years across the city.
  • A leader of Pro-Choice London, Madeline Vrolyk, said she's noticed more of a  “pro-life crowd” since the pandemic started, with a surplus in flyers in mailboxes and anti-abortion protesters around London. She says that “They're at a street corner almost every day [and] they're at Victoria Hospital a lot,” 

  • They mainly occupy places frequently visited by Western University students, such as Sarnia Road and Western Road Intersections and around the university’s Main Gates.

  • Vrolyk is currently working with Pro-Choice London to counter the group’s efforts as she believes the flyers and spread false information about abortion practices. She says that students who do not want to have these flyers in their mailboxes can put a sign up saying 'no flyers allowed.' they can also place a sign specifically turning away anti-abortion flyers.

  • “Students are really stressed out right now with the pandemic and to get that in your mailbox, even if you've had a miscarriage or you've been thinking about getting an abortion or you're pregnant right now — you just don't want to see that,” Vrolyk said.

  • The London City council is going to explore ways to limit the spread of flyers and discuss the issue in future meetings.


  • Last night Mayor Ed Holder turned on the annual Christmas lights display at Victoria Park

  • With no bands or crowds due to limits on social gatherings, the even that usually attracts thousands of people was scaled back

  • The visitors of this display of 75,000 Christmas lights were asked to follow social distancing rules while viewing the beautiful display

  • “I am thrilled to invite Londoners to enjoy Victoria Park’s beautiful lights and festive displays, a favourite holiday tradition for many,” Holder said. “While we head into the holiday season and celebrate in safe ways, my thoughts are with all front-line workers, health-care heroes, and everyone doing their part to keep our community safe during this time.”

  • The park also included a trees lit up with yellow, red, and pink lights to support different groups, the yellow for Canadian Troops Overseas, red to honour HIV/AIDS victims, and pink to support survivors and patients of breast cancer

  • And lastly some good news is coming, the skating rink will open Saturday in Victoria Park if weather permits it!


  • Today we will see snow showers with a daytime high of 3 degrees and low of -2

  • Tomorrow will see another cloudy day an afternoon high of 0 and low of -5. On Sunday we will have day time highs close to 1 a low of -4

  • The warmest days we will see this week will be a high of 4 on Thursday and Friday

  • Currently it is 2 degrees outside our studios with clouds and light showers.