Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Monday, November 11th, 2019

Jessica Singer

Thank you to those who serve, and who have served for our country. Thank you for keeping Canadians, and those around the world safe, and for fighting for our freedom. Lest we forget.


-Western University's librarians and archivists have voted to ratify a new collective agreement with the institution.
-Last Monday UWOFA (University of Western Faculty Association) members voted 89 per cent in favour of the new deal, which will likely stop a strike that has been discussed multiple times in the last year.

-Physics and Astronomy professor Paul Wiegert from Western’s Institute for Earth & Space Exploration is tracing the origins of two interstellar asteroids that have been detected entering our solar system since 2017.


-The first flu shots for the 2019-20 flu season rolled out last week in Ontario, and pharmacists are urging Canadian citizens to protect themselves by getting vaccinated.

-A project with musicians and London gardens, that would record data from plants and make it into music, was among the 216 ideas submitted to city hall’s Neigbourhood Decision Making program.


-The Mustangs suffered some tough injuries on Saturday afternoon and fell 29-15 to the McMaster Marauders in the 112th edition of the Yates Cup.


-The Weather Network is warning Ontarians for a potentially ‘historic’ snowfall happening today, so expect a rather slow or messy drive this morning, which is supposed to get considerably worse moving into the afternoon and evening hours.

-Expect a temperature of negative 5 degrees tomorrow, feeling more like negative 11, with more snow. Moving into Wednesday, expect a temperature of negative 3 feeling more like negative 6, with partly cloudy skies. It is currently negative 2 degrees with, you guessed it, lots of snow.