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NEWSCAST - Monday, August 26th, 2019

Greg Bowman


  • There have been changes in the admission process for medical school. Prior to this year, hopeful students would take the MCAT test and hope their score, paired with their undergrad GPA would be get them into med school.
  • Research has shown, however, that these numbers do not always predict the success as a physician. This year’s medicine class will be the first to have been selected through the initial phase of changes to the med school admissions process. 
  • The new admissions process meant that the school considered an additional 280 candidates for an interview this year by widening the MCAT thresholds.
  • As part of the process, all applicants were also asked to include an autobiographical sketch that displayed information about how their ideals fit with the values of the school and what experiences they’ve had that they believe would make them a successful physician.
  • Through this process, 730 applicants had their entire application package, including autobiographical sketch, reviewed and scored by a panel of physician and non-physician reviewers. They then narrowed that cohort down to 450 who were invited for a face-to-face interview.
  • In past years, only the 450 with the top MCAT scores and GPA would have been invited for an interview.
  • In an effort to further increase diversity, inclusivity, and equity, the school recognizes that traditional admissions processes may not be equitable to some demographics such as those with financial, medical, and sociocultural barriers, university officials explained.
  • The next phase of the changes will include an ACCESS pathway for this coming year’s admission cycle.
  • Modelled off of law school admissions processes, this pathway will provide even more flexibility for MCAT scores for applicants who have had financial, medical or sociocultural challenges.
  • The 2019 statistics show that approximately 23 per cent of the incoming class are considered to be from low socioeconomic status and 19 per cent from remote, rural, or small town communities, values similar to the applicant pool.


  • The idea of hosting a silent auction this weekend to support those impacted by the Old East Village explosion started with a routine phone call.
  • The event raised more than $11,000.
  • The pop-up silent auction organized by Rose and close friend Cindy O’Beirn, along with raising a sizable sum for victims of the blast, saw 80 to 100 local businesses chip in and help with merchandise and stock. Thank-you cards to first responders at the event were filled with signatures.
  • It made for an attractive pit stop for passersby – the auction was hosted just behind Western Fair Market on Saturday.
  • A roster of 15 volunteers staffed booths that offered a unique array of knick-knacks and goods: Preserves, woodworking, textiles, pottery, straw bags.
  • The auction is part of a groundswell of support from across the city that’s helping to heal a grieving community.
  • Lifespin, the organization helping coordinate relief efforts, said Wednesday it was beginning to distribute the first $50,000 of donations to affected families over the next two weeks. This past Tuesday, a fundraising concert at Aeolian Hall raised about $20,000.
  • Supporters said the outpouring of support from the city in the aftermath of the blast has been inspiring. It’s not just a fraction of London helping, it’s the whole city.
  • Proceeds from the auction will be placed in the OEV Woodman Families account at the Libro Credit Union, established by Lifespin.


  • Yesterday was the OUA football season-opener, with the Western Mustangs taking the trip to Waterloo to take on the Laurier Golden Hawks, opening the season with a 32-19 win. After a low-scoring first quarter which saw Laurier lead 3-1, Western scored twice in the second quarter.
  • Justin Nickson hauled in a 62-yard pass from Chris Merchant for the first Mustangs touchdown of the season. Then, Jacob Andrews blocked a punt near the Golden Hawks endzone which was recovered by Brett Ellerman.
  • Savaughn Magnaye-Jones also snagged his first career OUA touchdown in the third quarter, and Trey Humes added a 1-yard punch in. Chris Merchant had a solid day at quarterback, throwing for 236 passing yards, two touchdowns and an interception.
  • The Mustangs won their 12th straight season opener, and their 23rd consecutive regular season game.
  • They will have eight days off, not playing again until next Monday night for their home-opener at TD Stadium. They will be taking on their former offensive coordinator, Steve Snyder, who now coaches the Queen’s Gaels.
  • Radio Western will have that game for you, tune in at 7:20pm on September 2nd for the 7:30 kickoff.


  • High of 23 today with a mix of sun and clouds.
  • Expect some rain this evening into the overnight with the temperature going down to 18.
  • Tomorrow will see a high of 23, feeling like 29 with a risk of thundershowers all day.
  • Then Wednesday will have a high of 24 with mostly sunny skies.