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NEWSCAST - Thursday, June 27th, 2019

Navaneeth Mohan


  • Researchers at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and Lawson Health Research Institute have uncovered the mechanisms behind aortic aneurysms. 
  • Aortic aneurysms are known as the ‘time bomb’ of cardiology. 
  • Aneurysms are caused by the thinning of the aortic wall which weakens it causing it to grow like a balloon over time – all without any symptoms. If caught early, they can be surgically repaired at low risk. But if undetected, they eventually rupture or cause a tear in the wall of the aorta. 
  • While the phenomenon is well documented, the medical community previously had little evidence to understand the mechanisms causing it to occur or how to prevent it.
  • Now, researchers at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and Lawson Health Research Institute have shown that a small portion of the cardiac muscles age rapidly. 
  • These senile cells, rather than die, they become destructive and secrete enzymes that chew the walls of the heart. 
  • This finding opens up the possibility for strategies to prevent the damage from occurring. One such treatment involves fluhsing out the senile cells.
  • The research is the brainchild of Schulich Professor Dr. Michael Chu and Lawson scientist Dr.Geoffrey Pickering.
  • Their study was recently published in EBioMedicine.


  • The Ontario government will kick in $103.5 million toward 10 local transit infrastructure projects, including the three legs of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) council approved in spring. 
  • The province made the announcement Tuesday at a London Transit Commission garage at the LTC's head office on Highbury Avenue. 
  • Most of the money will go toward the three council-backed BRT routes:
  • East London Link ($35 million).
  • Wellington Gateway ($32 million).
  • Downtown Loop ($10 million).
  • The rest of the money will go toward smaller projects including:
  • 31 new expansion buses, Intelligent traffic signals, and the Adelaide Street Underpass cycling infrastructure.
  • The money was announced by Laura Scott, who became infrastructure minister in last week's cabinet shuffle. 
  • With the provincial money in place, the 10 projects will now go to the federal government to approve its share, which will total about $170 million. 
  • However, despite this injection of more than $100 million, the LTC is predicting a budget spike of 4.5 per cent next year just to maintain the status quo.
  • That’s three times higher than a 1.5 per cent target the transit agency got from city staff after council set a tax hike target of 2.7 per cent for the next multi-year budget. That budget spans 2020 to 2023.
  • It also means that new express routes, later hours, or creative transit options for hard-to-reach areas would be off the table without more cash from city hall.
  • The mayor’s office has released a report stating that the Forest City is currently facing a job crisis. London ranks last among 35 Canadian census metropolitan areas when it comes to connecting those looking for work with vacant local jobs.
  • According to the report, London's employment rate has been on a downward trajectory for the past 14 years. While other cities in the region such as Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and Windsor haven't experienced the same steady downward trend. 
  • Of London's 78,000 people without a job (between the ages of 25 to 64), 68,000 of aren't actively looking for one. 
  • The report says over the past year, London's workforce has declined by 10,000 people while the city's population grew during that period by 8,000. 
  • The mayor's office is looking to emulate Windsor. Over the past six months, Windsor has added 13,000 new jobs thanks to a job search website called Workforce Windsor Essex that was launched in February this year. 
  • London will unveil a "Londonized" version of the Workforce Windsor-Essex site on Friday. 



  • London is home to a wide array of sporting events in a given year, but a recent announcement from Sport Tourism London poses to be one of the largest projects ever undertaken by the city. 
  • In 2021, the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Association’s first-ever “Super OFSAA” is coming to London, hosting the provincial high school championship for all three levels of girls volleyball.
  • Our own Greg Bowman caught up with Zanth Jarvis, assistant at Sport Tourism London, on how significant this event is for the Forest City.
  • The first-ever Super OFSAA will run from March 8th-10th in 2021. Sport Tourism London, OFSAA among other organizations will be preparing for the next two years for the top high school volleyball players to visit the city and duke it out for provincial supremacy. 


  • Today will be a mix of sun and cloud with a daytime high of 29 C. that will feel like 33 C with the humidex.
  • Tomorrow will see a risk of light thunderstorm with a high of 32 that will feel like 35.   
  • The wet weather will continue into Saturday with the mercury peaking at 26 feeling more like 34.