Radio Western Morning News

NEWSCAST - Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Navaneeth Mohan

  • Two Western students from the dept of Geography were recipients of the Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Scholarship for their research on indigenous issues.  
  • Steven Vanloffeld explores how Indigenous Peoples have been systematically marginalized from decision-making related to land development and resource allocation in their own territories, and how that voice can return to the table.
  • Vanessa Ambtman-Smith studies ways to re-design systems to enable access to culturally safe care beyond the traditional view of health care, focused on the effectiveness of Indigenous traditional healing spaces within hospitals.
  • The PET Scholarship for social sciences and humanities, selects 20 individuals nationwide for an annual bursary of $60,000 for three years. 
  • This year, scholars were chosen for their work within four themes: Human rights and dignity; responsible citizenship; Canada and the world; people and their natural environments.


  • Two Kings university students have launched their new line of clothing Gulistan online. The store focuses on Afghan-Pakistani styles. 
  • Almas Farooqi Lodin, an Afghan-Canadian, and Ramla Naqvi, a Pakistani-Canadian, drew inspiration from a school project that eventually turned into a unique cultural clothing and lifestyle brand aimed at celebrating and preserving identity.
  • Gulistan, which translates to rose garden, mainly sells colourful and embroidered dresses and three-piece sets. The store offers clothes in all sizes and avoids industry standards. 


  • In light of the recent rollbacks of the Ford govt’s budget cuts, the city has heaved a sigh of relief as it has more time for approving the 2020-2023 multi-year budget. 
  • However, municipalities across the province will have to address provincial changes and scour their budgets for four per cent in savings the province is urging them to find. 
  • That could mean a tax hikes of 2.7 to 2.9 per cent in London. 
  • London Mayor, a former Conservative MP, was a signatory to a letter from an umbrella group of big-city mayors that slammed the government’s approach as “downloading by stealth.”
  • The mayor hopes to put 13,000 back to work and increase the tax base to address the provincil government’s pressure to balance the books. 


  • This weekend dose of intercounty baseball saw the London Majors host the Welland Jackfish for their first superhero day.
  • DeAndre Asbury-Heath picked up four hits and drove in a run while scoring twice and stealing a base to lead the Welland Jackfish to an 8-6 win over the Majors. 
  • Radio Western’s Greg Bowman caught up with Byron Reichstein who scored a two RBI single and Roop Chanderdat, the Major’s manager 


  • Expect a mix of sun and cloud with a chance of showers and risk of a thunderstorm this afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday we can expect a downpour. 
    Today’s low of 10 is behind us, and we’ll see a daytime high of 22 C.